Despite Jorge Posada’s desire to play, Yanks GM Brian Cashman has said he will not be playing for his native Puerto Rico in the WBC this March.  As a result of him being injured in ’08, it just does not seem to be a possibility.

“He wouldn’t be able to perform,” Cashman told Anthony McCarron. “He won’t start on time as a catcher in spring training. It’s just a fact. There’s nothing I can do about it or the player can do about it…”

Apparently Posada had wanted to play for the PR team, albeit only as the DH, however the Yankees hold the right to make the decision since Posada was on the DL at the end of last season.  Instead, the Yankees want him rehabilitating his throwing shoulder and building relationships with his new pitchers.

Still no more news to be found on Bernie Williams and whether or not he will be able to play for the PR team after what’s being reported as a “serious quadriceps injury” which was suffered at the end of December while playing winter ball in PR.