I FINALLY found some info on Bernie Williams’ reported “nasty quadriceps injury.”  After looking for several weeks, I found a rather lengthy and detailed article by the Daily News’ Christian Red.  The reporter had a chance to catch up with Bernie in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where it was announced that he would be the honoree of the annual “World’s Best 10k” race in San Juan on March 1.

Apparently Bernie’s injury is not that serious and he still plans to play in the WBC this March.  “It’s healing well. Just the usual muscle pull,” said Williams. “You’ve got to let nature take its course. That’s the most frustrating part. I have to be careful as far as, ‘What do I do?’ I try to make sure I’m training wisely, and at the same time, the best way possible.”

Bernie was named to the Puerto Rican squads provincial 45 man roster today, however making the final 28 man roster will be the tougher part for the 40 year-old.  The 28 man roster will be submitted on Feb. 24.  If he can rehab his injury, make the squad and do well, we might see Bernie back in uniform in 2009.

“What would be the logical next step? That’s why the World Baseball Classic is so pivotal,” said Williams. “To be really honest, if I play (for Puerto Rico) and I start getting those feelings back again, start getting the urge and feel good physically, it can open a whole world of possibilities for me. But right now, I’m just speculating on what could happen. It’s not going to be until I play in that competition whether I’m going to be able to make those kind of decisions.”

I’d like to see Bernie play well, and if he makes it onto an MLB team then good for him.  It would be very hard to see him play in another uniform – kinda like seeing highlights of Paul O’Neill when he used to play for the Reds – it just doesn’t feel right.  That being said, I wish him the best.

In his musical career, Bernie’s second Album “Moving Forward” is set to drop on April 18.  That same night, he will play live at the Times Square Nokia Theater.