Former Yankee Coach Don Zimmer told the Daily News Anthony McCarron that he suffered a stroke in December which left the 78 year-old unable to speak until just recently.

“I lost my speech capacity for about a week,” Zimmer said in a brief telephone interview Sunday with McCarron. “But it’s come back now and I just got done with a whole bunch of tests, including a stress test on Friday, and I’ll get the results on them later this week.

“I’m fine,” he added. “For a while, I had a little trouble getting around, but I’m getting better at that every day, too. I’ve got just about everything back, all of my speech.”

Zimmer was Joe Torre’s bench coach for the Yankees until 2004 when George Steinbrenner insulted him and forced the man to leave acrimoniously.  You might remember Zimmer got knocked to the ground by psycho pitcher Pedro Martinex during a brawl between the Red Sox and Yankees a few years back.

Zimmer is currently a senior adviser to the Tampa Bay Rays and says he expects to be ready for spring training.  This year will be his 61st year in Major League Baseball, as a player, coach and adviser.