Did you know that between 1936 and 2004 if the Washington Redskins won their last home game before the presidential election, the party that occupied the White House would continue to hold it; if they lost, the challenging party’s candidate unseats the incumbent.

That was true until 2004 when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Redskins, but Bush won re-election.

Now, there’s this cool piece by Vince Mercandetti at Sox and Pinstripes about the impact of Obama’s presidency on the Yankees.

Here are some facts, courtesy of Mercandetti:

  • The Yankees’ last World Series championship was in October of 2000, during the final three months of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Clinton, a democrat, was officially out the following January, or nine months before the Yankees would lose to the Diamondbacks in an attempt to defend their crown for the third time. Clinton was in office for all four World Championships in the 1990s, whereas his two Republican counterparts, both Bushes, were present for a grand total of zero Yankees’ rings and two World Series losses while they were Commander-in-Chief.
  • Ronald Reagan cost the Yankees almost the entire decade of the 1980s as New York failed to capture a title during his eight years in office. The Mets were more fortunate not to have this curse when they won in 1986.
  • Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon? No championships during their reigns. Jimmy Carter? Two.
  • Here are the two most stirring facts: The last Republican in office during a Yankees’ title was President Eisenhower. The only democrat since the Yankees’ won their first title NOT to be in office for a championship was Lyndon Johnson.
  • Of the Yankees unprecedented 26 World Series rings, 19 have occurred while a Democrat had control. In other words, if not for Democratic Presidents, we might be the Red Sox.

I can only hope that this is a sign of good things to come for the Yankees.

Thanks, Vince, for the good news about the next four years!