Slow day today in the Yankee world.  Here is the little bit that is making news.

This story from Bryan Hoch at  He interviewed Kevin Long, the Yanks hitting coach about the new lineup.  Here’s a quote:

“Potentially, we look great on paper,” Long said. “But we have to come together and jell as a team. We have to become a team as quick as possible. We’re going to have to work at this thing, but having somebody of Mark Teixeira’s caliber and talent certainly makes things look a lot easier.”


Joseph P at River Ave Blues wrote a great piece on why baseball does not need a salary cap.  Honestly, his reasoning seems so concrete, I’d invite someone to try and beat it.  He makes a phenomenal point that each team should play to its strengths and the fact is a salary cap limits a team’s ability to make big moves when they need to.   I’d continue on and say that its not our fault that the Yankees can make the moves they do.


Finally PeteAbe at Lohud Yankees gathered the salaries for the Yankees 25 man roster.  Here are the major players:

Rodriguez: $32 million
Jeter: $20 million
Teixeira: $20 million (+$5 million signing bonus already paid)
Burnett: $16.5 million
Rivera: $15 million
Sabathia: $14 million (+$9 million signing bonus in 3 installments)
Posada: $13.1 million
Damon: $13 million
Matsui: $13 million
Nady: $6.55 million
Cano: $6 million
Swisher: $5.3 million
Wang: $5 million
Marte: $3.75 million
Molina: $2 million
Cabrera: $1.4 million

The totals come to $187.9 Million.  Not too shabby.