When you associate center field and the New York Yankees, one of two names usually comes to mind: Joe DiMaggio and/or Mickey Mantle. Or even for recent generations, Bobby Murcer, Bernie Williams, or Mickey Rivers.

CF is like the Notre Dame quarterback position or shooting guard for UNC, or even the defensive line for Pittsburgh Steelers. It is a line to immortality.

But the Yankees go into 2009 with no proven centerfielder. Right now, the job is up to two youngsters, both of whom are under the age of 25 and may or may not be the centerfielder of the future. Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner will be fighting for the job.

In an offseason where the Yankees got into thinking about a trade for Mike Cameron that fell through, the Yankees could easily go for someone else in the weeks before spring training, like they did in 2006 with Johnny Damon.

Take a look at that picture and you can’t help wondering the what ifs….


Read Anthony McCarron’s post on the Daily News today to see where I got the inspiration for today’s post.