ESPN reported this morning that a new tell-all book by former skipper Joe Torre called The Yankee Years trashes several Yankees.  Torre is apparently bitter about his last few years with the Yankees, according to reports and let loose in his new book.

Torre reportedly accuses GM Brian Cashman of betraying him in Fall 2007 meetings with the Steinbrenners, by not standing up for him while still saying good things about him publicly.  In fact, you might remember Torre thanking Cashman for his support when he left the Yankees, so apparently Torre figured this out afterwards.

Torre also claims that Yankee players constantly referred to A-Rod as “A-Fraud.”  Torre also says that A-Rod was also obsessed with Derek Jeter and was jealous about his higher popularity and rivalry between the two.

The book was written by Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci and published by Doubleday.  Verducci also wrote Torre’s first book after the 1996 season, and it is unclear how much of the writing is Torre’s words or Verducci’s.  The book is set to be released on Feb. 3, when Torre is scheduled to make appearances at the Yogi Bera Museum and The David Letterman Show.

Doubleday issued a statement in Nov. 2007 announcing the book would be released in Spring 2009.  Torre said in the statement that he would explain his “decision to walk way from the job of manager of the Yankees, but only as the endgame in explaining in unprecedented detail what history will record as the `Torre Era.’

The statement also reads, “In addition to sharing Torre’s knowledge of the game, the authors will examine the rapidly changing baseball landscape, explaining how developments such as revenue sharing and the rise of statistical analysis have made the future existence of dynasties virtually impossible.”