As much as I don’t want to give any publicity to Kirk Radomski and his new “Jose Canseco style” book, I figured this blog’s reader’s would be interested in the words of David Justice.  Appearing on Mike and Mike in the Morning on Tuesday, Justice vehemently denied ever using HGH or even meeting Radomski.

Radomski claimed in an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines that he drove Justice and GlenAllen Hill to the airport and provided Justice with a box containing HGH and steroids.  Justice disputes this on several levels.  First, he does not remember ever meeting Radomski.  Second, he says, and this has been mentioned by several sources, that Justice had a lot of family members in the area.  Why wouldn’t they have driven him to the airport.  Third, Radomski said he picked up Justice at a card show to take him to the airport.  Justice has said he checked with people at the card show and they don’t remember Justice getting picked up by anyone.  Finally, Justice makes the point that Radomski’s accusations made upa  large part of the Mitchell Report.  Why weren’t these stories mentioned then?  Why are they only coming out now, when Radomski is selling a book?

Justice does come clean about one thing – that he had a conversation about HGH with Brian McNamee and even acquired some from him, but never used it.  Justice claims he had a lot of respect for McNamee and when McNamee told him that HGH was safe, doctors were prescribing it everyday and it would help him with his chronic groin issues, he agreed to take it.  When McNamee supplied Justice with the HGH, Justice then found out he would have to be injected and declined to take it, since he did not like injections.  He also said he never would have considered taking steroids, because he knew that there were risks associated with them.

“If it was in pill form,I would have taken it,” Justice said, referring to HGH.  He then went on to say that if that was the case, he would instead be admitting that he had taken HGH.

I listened to the interview on Mike and Mike this morning and base don his tone of voice and explanations, I am inclined to believe him.  I also don’t think that Justice has any motivation to lie – he won’t be a Hall of Famer, so this wouldn’t effect a vote and he’s not  a huge public figure.  Plus he admitted he had been in possession of it at one point and described why he didn’t take it, but would have if it was in pill form.  Radomski, on the other hand, has much motivation for lying – he’s trying to sell a book.