If you’re like me, at home from work or telecommuting or even taking liberal leave to avoid the winter storm coming to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, here are some links to keep you entertained for a while.

  • As more writers/bloggers start to dissect the book by Torre & Verducci, the more we hear about Torre’s relationship with people inside the organization, especially Brian Cashman. In this article, Mike Lupica dissects the excerpt on SI.com and sees that Torre felt he had lost his best ally in the negotiations for a new contract. To Torre, Cashman had become one of them.
  • Alex Rodriguez isn’t fazed by the “A-Fraud” allegations. In fact, he doesn’t care because he felt he never had a relationship with Torre in the first place. He has stopped worrying about what others say about him and what other headlines he may attract. Good. Because what I need from him is for him to be the basher he is, and to produce at the plate. He has the chance to be the best ever, so he needs to focus on being a good hitter and teammate.
  • With the Andy Pettitte signing yesterday, there are renewed talks about another Yankee: Jobamania. Kevin Kernan at the Post says it’s time to put Joba in the bullpen. Kernan goes on to cite some Yankee insiders and other teams’ scouts that Joba has the same built as Jonathan Pabelbon and that he will thrive on the daily competition of pitching in the 8th or 9th inning, especially since Mo is coming off shoulder surgery and still has not started a throwing regiment.
  • With Pettitte’s signing, the Yankees’ Depth Chart has been updated.
  • The Yankees are being proactive in making sure their new Stadium is germ clean and bacteria resistant, especially to MRSA/staph infection.
  • Lastly, PeteAbe has the info on Pettitte’s deal. All of the performance incentives

Have a good, snowy day, folks.