Alex Belth of Bronx Banter sat down to interview Tom Verducci on Joe Torre’s book on

It’s 3 webpages worth of dialogue between the two men, and there are some points I think you all should look at.

  • Torre cites David Cone as the real leader of the clubhouse before Jeter was appointed captain. Cone was so instrumental in keeping the team together, Torre says.
  • Torre also explains some of his mistakes, including the 2001 World Series, game 7.
  • Losing Clemens, Pettitte and Wells was a big blow to the Yankees after 2003, according to Torre. They went to an all-righty rotation and had weak bats with a poor farm system.
  • This book touches up a lot on Damon’s 2006 season where he seriously thought about retiring.
  • How Jeter was so banged up in the 2001 World Series that he still, to today, won’t admit he was playing hurt. Verducci calls Jeter “fiercely, eternally unyielding.”
  • The transformation of Alex Rodriguez from 2004 to today where he no longer worries about trying to please everyone (and in essence, be like Jeter).

The interview is worth 10 minutes of your time. Read it! Then read the book on Tuesday!