05*Last night was the much-anticipated interview with Torre on Larry King Live on CNN. Unfortunately I did not catch it, but I read this article on the Daily News about the interview. Among things that caught my eye:

  • Joe Torre doesn’t feel the book burned bridges or should change his relationship with the Yankees. He says there isn’t anything in the book that is personal or would attack others.
  • Torre is shocked at the reaction (negative) that he’s received — but understands that people are being defensive, especially David Wells.
  • Torre also said that the book subject was raised before the 2007 season and he had agreed to do it before he left the Yankees.
  • About A-Rod, Torre says his main focus was to tell Alex not to put too much pressure on himself and to just focus on playing. He says that A-Rod and Jeter were not best friends (obviously) but they were professionals who worked well together.

Torre’s not the kind of person to embellish the truth or lie, so I am inclined to believe him, and therefore, I will reserve all judgment until I read the book when I get it — and Amazon better ship it ON TIME.