With less than 10 days before Spring Training, Manny is still unemployed.

As time grows weary, I grow weary of the process and the frequent posts by Yankee bloggers that the Yankees should sign Manny. Heck, the Yankees can, why not?

Maybe Manny is secretly harboring hope that the Yankees will.

The latest news had the Los Angeles Dodgers interested in Manny for 1 year and $25 million. Then before that it was 2-years $45 million with a club option for 2011. He turned down the latter. Then at approximately 1am EST, Manny turned down the former.

Honestly, Manny wouldn’t get a better deal than a $25 million per season deal. He’s probably looking for  3-4 year contract because he can probably play another 4 years.

Pundits have said the Yankees will need a DH next year after the contracts of Damon and Matsui expire and getting Manny now makes sense. Yes, it does. But we don’t need another bloated contract, more cries for a salary cap, and an egomaniac who needs to feel supported — and I’m not talking about A-Rod.

Manny, just sign with the Nationals, Mets, or Giants. Hurry up.