A lot of players have come to Joe Torre’s defense the last few days.

We had Derek Jeter defend him. We had Jorge Posada too. A-Rod somewhat defended him too, and now we have Johnny Damon.

Speaking last night at the Thurman Munson Awards, Damon said this:

“I have no reason to not trust Joe,” Damon said Tuesday. “I enjoyed playing for him. He showed me a lot with the way that he handled the media, the way he handled the team. I was able to go and talk to him at any given time, so yeah, I can trust him. Unfortunately, a book comes out and there’s always going to be questions. But you know what? Until Joe does something crazy to me, he’s fine in my book.”

And Damon defended A-Rod…

“It seems like New York always has a big story going on, and fortunately, Alex can deal with it,” Damon said. “He’s dealt with so much in the past, and he’s going to have to deal with questions his whole career because he’s that good of a ballplayer. That’s part of it, and he’ll be just fine.

“Alex has been a good teammate. When he disappears, at least you know he’s disappearing to the batting cages, to the gym, and he’s not somewhere just avoiding people. He’s there. He’s there working.”

Then Bernie Williams also had some things to say about the book.

“I haven’t read the book,” Williams said. “I need to see what the context of the things that were said and how he said them in the book to really have an opinion.”

Yet Williams did place a bit of his trust in Torre.

“It’s hard to speculate on the way that I feel,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, I had a very close relationship with him over the years, and I don’t really see that changing.”

I have the book — but I haven’t read it yet. I need to find time to sit down and read it. It doesn’t help that I have to teach high school all day.