A couple of days ago, at a charity event for prostate cancer research, Yankees GM Brian Cashman told the audience that the Yankees were done for the offseason with spending.

Regarding the current Yankees, Cashman said he was looking only to sign some nonroster invitees to spring training, and did not expect any major moves between now and the beginning of camp.

“I fully expect to go to spring training with what we’ve got,” he said. “And that’s a good thing.”

Cashman took a question about why he was not pursuing Ramírez, and he said that he simply could not afford it after spending so freely during the off-season.

“People expect us to get in on Manny, but it’s not going to happen,” Cashman said. “We’re in the nonroster invitee mode.”

He added, “He’s a great player, but when you look at our payroll, we’re tapped.”

Did the Cashman have any clues as to where Ramírez would end up?

“I hope he stays in the National League,” Cashman said, “but not at Shea.”

History has indicated that we should not believe Cashman too closely. He has pulled a few under our noses and we should remain wary up to Spring Training. The Yankees could bolt and grab someone, like they did with Mark Teixeira.