Pick a perfect day for me to be away from the computer all afternoon.

I missed the initial reports. Alex Rodriguez has been reported to have tested positive in 2003 for two different steroids in his last season with the Texas Rangers.

Sports Illustrated broke out the story this morning, and have cited four independent sources about this.

A-Rod was to be, and was currently baseball’s White Knight, the one who was going to demolish the 762 home run record set by steroid-user Barry Bonds. Now even A-Rod is tainted. This brings into legitimacy his earlier years, especially 2003, and perhaps 2005, when he won MVP awards en route to monster years. I am not worried about 2007 as that was the year of where MLB started their steroid suspension policy.

So, I’m pretty sure NESN over in New England will be replaying this story all day and night — hey, your guys were not so clean either. I’m pretty sure there are a few players there who have used steroids.

I can just envision the Post’s front cover tomorrow — “A-Roid.”