The Nady-Swisher-Damon-(and to some extend-Manny) saga won’t end.

The bloggers and beat writers have urged the Yankees to trade one of their outfielders. I disagree vehemently.

Jayson Stark explained in his Rumblings and Grumblings that the Braves inquired about Swisher and also asked the Yankees to eat a portion of his salary, only to be turned down.

And there’s news that Swisher has been working out and has shed 16 pounds this off season. He’s already pretty muscular and fit and to hear he’s in better shape gives the Yankees more to have coming off the bench.

Memo to the Front Office: Keep Swisher. And Nady. And Damon. And Gardner. And Cabrera. We need a deep bench and who knows, we may have injuries this season (knock on wood) and one of them could be used as trade bait in July.