There’s nothing more that some baseball pundits want to do more than take down the game’s greatest players. A-Rod, Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, and many more.

They want to destroy the system and tell MLB: “Hey, you’ve known about steroids since the early 1990s (maybe earlier) but you chose to ignore it. Now your White Knight on Shining Armor is now your Black Knight on Dull Armor.”

Good riddance.

Now that a report from 2003 surfaced that A-Rod tested positive for tesosterone and Primobolan just makes the game look even dirtier. Now I’m skeptical about Albert Pujols. Even Matt Holliday. Maybe also some of the pitchers too!

Is there no one who did not juice? Derek Jeter? Mariano Rivera? I’m afraid to ask!

Howard Bryant’s piece on this morning is a good one. Here’s an excerpt:

Some fans, writers, government officials — maybe even some players — might feel a certain satisfaction, or vindication, now that the truth behind the mask of baseball’s hypocrisy is finally being revealed. But this is hardly a day for glee.

For one, Bryant points out that if one William Roger Clemens name appears as on the list. He’ll be in prison with a different kind of pinstripes.

Bryant also adds that the Union could have done more to prevent this from happening. Hello? Paper shredder, anyone?

This is indeed sad. Now I feel like I cannot trust anyone. Not even Mariano Rivera.