At this point, anybody who played the game in the last 15 years is guilty until proven innocent. Nobody gets a pass. Rodriguez is the most physically talented player in decades. If he decided he had to cheat, everybody else has to be a suspect. Don’t forget, there are still 103 names out there just waiting to be leaked.

Mike Mussina went from being bounced out of the rotation to his first 20-win season. Suspect. Mariano Rivera never seems to take a step back. Suspect. Derek Jeter plays every day. Suspect. Joba Chamberlain sure throws hard. Suspect. Two years ago you would bet your house on those guys being clean. Would you bet $20 now? You can’t be sure about any player, not even the supposed good guys. If you are, you’re hopelessly naive.

That is the legacy Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, A-Rod and the rest of them leave. Thanks to their lack of integrity, every player in the sport has become a suspect. If you go the new Stadium this season and watch somebody hit a home run, it’ll be in the back of your mind. How could it not be? Those players who are clean must be furious.

These are the words of Peter Abraham. He sums up the entire problem of the steroid era. No one owned up to it and now MLB is deep in its own muck.

There’s no easy way out. MLB’s current punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Abraham recommends a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy. That would scare everyone, Abraham says.