I’m not going to beat a dead horse all over again. Let’s face the facts. A-Rod admitted to using steroids between 2001-2003.

Everyone’s linking the ESPN interview and commenting on it. Go ahead, bleed your eyes out.

There are two blogs I’d like for you all to read. The first is from Pinstripe Alley. Kuri says it’s time to stop faking our indigation.

He claims that we live in a chemically enhanced world with Viagra, botox, and other drugs to help us perform better. Athletes are no exception.

We also live in a world where baseball players have cheated before steroids. We had pitchers doctoring their balls, and George Brett probably used too much pine tar, and there was probably widespread use of amphetemines in the 1970s.

In other words, Kuri says: It’s time to stop our righteous indignation act.

Next, Jason at Heartland Pinstripes says A-Rod did the right thing.

…A-Rod did the right thing for himself, the team, the organization, and the game.  He has blunted the level of media attention this would in all likelihood have received through Spring Training and the season.  He’ll still get harangued from fans at home and on the road.  Given his star power and public appearance record, he has a chance to use various forums such as public service announcements to positively influence young kids and aspiring athletes.

Whether A-Rod was using PEDs past 2003 or had better steroids, we may never know. But we do know he hasn’t failed a drug test since MLB set up testing as policy. He has been subjected to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines for the WBC in 2006 and MLB’s testing every year and nothing has come up.

A-Rod did the right thing. He confessed straight up. That will help simmer down things. Except in Fenway.