As many other Yankees have done already, Joe Girardi came out on WFAN today and said that he feels the team will rally around A-Rod.

“I think we will rally around him. I think teammates have already started to rally around him,” Girardi said.  I kind of look at it as a relationship you kind of have with your kids. Sometimes kids do things you wish they didn’t do, but you don’t stop loving them, you don’t stop caring for them, you don’t stop being their friend or their teammate. And that’s the thing.”

Girardi said he was surprised at the news, but that Rodriguez has his support.

“I was not expecting that,” Girardi said. “I think all of us always thought of Alex not taking anything, and I was a little bit shocked, but I was happy with the way he’s approached this, dealt with it so far.  I really felt in his heart he was truly sorry yesterday, because Alex is not a guy of a lot of emotions and you could see the tears in his eyes.”