Who’s the rat?  Someone close to the federal investigation into BALCO must have released the information about A-Rod’s positive steroid test.  Or maybe it was someone close to the union?  Maybe it was Cynthia Rodriguez.  Either way, lets find out, slap some ‘cuffs on ’em and haul them to the county lock up.

First step.  Lean on Selena Roberts and David Epstein.  Demand that they release the names of their four sources to authorities.  Of course, in true journalistic fashion, neither will do so.  So, take them to court and compel them to give the names.  They still refuse, judge holds them in contempt and they go to jail until they release the names.  People complain about freedom of the press and blah, blah, blah.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a big proponent of the freedom of the press – its something that makes America better then 90% of the world, but that doesn’t mean the government can’t lean on them.

Second step.  Lean on Donald Fehr. 

Have the FBI raid the offices of the Player’s Union, putting pressure on every single employee until someone throws up their arms and says “it was meeeee!”

Just get one.  At least one.  I am extremely confident that someone close to the federal investigation is guilty of releasing A-Rod’s name.  If it was someone in the union, they had plenty of opportunities in the last several years, why wait until now.

Fact is, someone broke the law.  While most of American media is criticizing A-Rod, I am here criticizing the sources.  Let’s throw them in jail, or better yet, hang out their dirty laundry in the national media.