Today is the first anniversary of the launch of this blog.

I first came up with the idea of this blog as an outlet to spew my anger after the Yankees lost to the Indians in the 2007 ALDS and the subsequent let-go of Torre. I had just been a casual observer of the other blogs I read (or no longer read).

Having blogging experience already on different sites, both personal and professional, paid and un-paid just gave me more confidence in knowing I can do this.

So, on February 13, 2008 — Generation Third was born. At first it was just me, and it became tiring and at times, when my numbers were so low, unmotivating.

Then my younger brother Trevor jumped on the ship and gave this blog a shot of life. Ever since, we’ve skyrocketed. In January alone, we had over 1,500 hits, which is like a dose of steroids (pun intended) for this blog’s life.

Thanks to all the people who’ve read our postings, left comments, and thanks for being who you are — Yankee fans!