New Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira arrived to camp today and had a brief press conference outside the clubhouse. According to Kat O’Brien from Newsday, Tex said:

“I’m excited. This is the first offseason I’ll get to go to a new team in spring training.”

Whether he knew about A-Rod’s steroid use in Texas…
“When I was a rookie, I had a one-track mind, and that was to try to learn the big leagues.”

About rumors that he and A-Rod have a strained relationship…
“I don’t know where that came from. Alex and I had a great relationship. Right after I signed the contract in Texas, Alex took my wife — my fiancee at the time — out to dinner in Dallas. … I learned a lot from Alex.”

About steroids…
“I grew up in a family with zero tolerance. … (Steroids are) drugs in my mind. I never messed with them.”

PeteAbe has an audio of the Tex press conference. From what he says, Tex seems to conduct himself well in an interview setting. That’s good to know considering Tex just got himself into the media captial of the world.