Yesterday, in the middle of live-blogging the press conference, I couldn’t really digest what Alex Rodriguez was saying because I was too busy reading the captions and typing at the same time (yes, folks, for those of you who didn’t know, I’m deaf).

Hey, that’s why I spelled “bully” instead of “boli” for Primobolan. Thats’ what the captions said!

Anyway, I was too engrossed in typing a summary of the press conference and of course my right-brain was going haywire. There were contractions all over the place.

Then my brother came home and the first thing we said to each other was “do you believe A-Rod?” We both shook our heads.

I said “A-Rod’s full of it.”  And no, I’m not talking about boli. I’m talking about the other stuff.

A-Rod has this uber-agent, a media consultation team, and all these other people at his disposal…and the best he could come up with was this? Pathetic.

A cousin? Boli? Energy boost? Naive and stupid?

All of these could have been better scripted, to say the least. Pettitte last year and Giambi in 2005 were more genuine.  In fact, I don’t remember A-Rod actually apologizing straight up. He did say “I want to say I am sorry to the fans and to my teammates,” but he did not apologize a la Pettitte.

I’m more disappointed in the fact that A-Rod:

  • wouldn’t straight up confess what he did. His credibility would have been better if he did.
  • kept saying how he was stupid and naive. Well, everyone makes stupid mistakes. Doing boli (or whatever you were actually doing) for 3+ years is stupid, but not naive. You knew it was not tic tacs, so you know it’s illegal.
  • said he wanted an energy boost. It would have been better if he said he wanted to “bulk up.” That I’d believe. You can get an energy boost by drinking Red Bull.
  • Wouldn’t tell the truth. He needs another injection — of truth serum.

The more I think about it, the more I believe A-Rod did not have faith in himself. He did not think his God-given talent could get him into the Hall of Fame. He did not think his talent could get him 800 home runs. He also was so insecure about himself — that he had to dope up.

And that’s why the Yankees are stuck with this albatross. Like him or hate him, he’s ours until 2017.