ESPN has located the cousin that supplied Alex Rodriguez with steroids.  Yuri Sucart, a Miami resident, has been a close personal confidant of Rodriguez for most of his career, according to ESPN.  Sucart’s wife, Carmen, identified him as Rodriguez’s cousin during a phone interview with ESPN on Wednesday night.  Yuri Sucart has so far denied requests to be interviewed.

Sucart has lived in Seattle and Texas in the past, and was frequently seen with Rodriguez while he was playing in those cities.  Sources told ESPN that he was very loyal to A-Rod, sometimes paid his bills, set restaurant reservations and cleaned up his messes.  All-in-all, the type of guy who would seemingly do anything for Rodriguez.

At this point it is only a matter of time before the reporters get to him.  Hopefully, Sucrat can do better in his interviews/press conferences then A-Rod did.