Yesterday the Red Sox joined the minority in complaining that there should be a salary cap in baseball.

Funny, cause the last time I checked, the Red Sox had the second highest payroll in baseball and won two World Series in the last five years. Oh, they’re also the ones who lost out in the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes.

You can always count on the Yankees to respond to anything the Red Sox say, and more likely you can count on a good sound bite from none other than Hank Steinbrenner.

And, he delievered!

“Along with a few other teams, we’re basically baseball’s stimulus package,” he said.

New York thinks it has the right to spend after paying at least $110 million in revenue sharing and luxury tax last year.

“As long as we’re doing that and giving all this money to other teams in revenue sharing, a staggering amount, we should be able to spend on salaries what we want to,” Steinbrenner said. “Because of revenue sharing and because of the popularity nationwide, the Yankees are critical to baseball.”

Bravo! Actually a good remark from a guy who often speaks off the cuff of his shirts rather than from his brain.