Angel Presinal, a man banned from MLBclubhouses since 2001, admitted he assisted A-Rod during the years he used steroids.  Presinal has been suspected of providing athletes with performance enhancing drugs. During a recent interview with ESPNDeportes’ Yoel Adames, Presinal denied that claim.

“I did work with Alex during that period of time [2001 through 2003],” Presinal said, “just like I helped all of my fellow Dominicans. He used to look for me. But I wasn’t working with him on an exclusive basis. I was rotating between players and teams.

“I have never advised a player [to take steroids]; I have never talked about steroids with any athlete, with any baseball player,” Presinal said. “I just wish there was someone out there with the courage to accuse me directly. That will never happen because folks respect me.”

The Daily News reported today that Presinal accompanied A-Rod during the 2007 season.  That season A-Rod had a career-year, winning the AL MVP.  Presinal would stay in the same hotel as A-Rod, but in a different room. 

Presinal was banned from the private areas of every MLBballpark after an unmarked gym bag was found filled with steroids by the Canadian Customs Agents while Presinal was traveling with the Cleveland Indians.  Presinal was also named in the Mitchell Report. 

Presinal has been linked to several different players, some who were implicated as steroid-users and others who have not been.  Those players include Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Vladamir Guererro, Miguel Tejada, Juan Gonzalez, Bartolo Colon and others.

Based on the news that Presinal has been linked to many players who have never been implicated as steroid-users, I am not reading much into this report and I don’t think you should either.  A-Rod was tested several times during the course of the 2007 season and never tested positive.  Presinal has been monitored by MLB for several years now and would most likely know if he was dealing ‘roids.