Ever since Larry Lucchino’s “Evil Empire” spewed hate from the Red Sox Nation to the Yankees, I have always been on the hunt for statistics or significant measurements of whichever team has the biggest road draw and whichever team has the biggest fan base.

Today, Ben at River Ave. Blues has this post analyzing the benefits of having the Yankees as the visiting team.

Interesting, here’s how much more the Cleveland Indians benefit from the Yankees: when the New York Yankees come to town, attendance jumps 11,000.

There was no mention about the Red Sox, but from old figures I remember seeing somewhere, I think attendance jumps 4,000, or maybe 7,000. That’s decent, but not as much as the Yankees draw.

With CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Mark Teixeira, as well as a Alex Rodriguez to boo at, the Yankees will probably draw more fans to watch their own team play against the Yankees.