That title sure looks like the Yankees had the Mafia off Yuri Sucart.

Actually, that’s a translation of what Brian Cashman said to the media today, one day after Alex Rodriguez was seen getting into a dark SUV with his alleged supplier of boli.

Of course, that was a very, very boneheaded move on A-Rod’s part. Doesn’t he realize how much scrutiny he will be in for the rest of the year. Who knows, he could have been shooting up in the SUV to get another home run. Alas, he went 0-2 today in his first “home” game.

According to several sources, including PeteAbe and Tyler Kepner. Here’s what Kepner said:

General Manager Brian Cashman was succinct: “It’s been handled,” he said. Cashman didn’t say any more on the subject, but his feelings were clear.

Okay. That much is clear. No more Sucart.