Alex Rodriguez is scheduled to meet with representatives from Major League Baseball today, sources have confirmed to Michael Schmidt of the New York Times.

MLB officials are more interested in finding out who provided PEDs to A-Rod (umm, don’t we already know that?), and whether that person had access to the clubhouse (if it’s still his cousin, probably not).

MLB also wants to know about A-Rod’s relationship with MLB-wide-banned trainer Angel Presinal. Finally, they want to know if A-Rod was alerted about a drug test in 2004 from Gene Orza.

Frankly, A-Rod will probably say something stupid — remember, this is the same guy who had his cousin pick him up after the first spring training game — he will probably say something stupid. At least he should have his lawyers with him.

Nevertheless, MLB isn’t doing anything good with this interview. I don’t see the point, since MLB did not have punishments before 2004. This just contiues to be a witch hunt, and the other 103 players who tested positive are also lying, like A-Rod was (and might still be).

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