I have never been a fan of Jonathan Papelbon and his arrogance. Boston Red Sox fans won’t like the Yankees and their arrogant stars such as A-Rod, Jeter, and now they will harbor a passionate hate for Tex.

So, I return the favor by hating Papelbon. (For the record, I also hate Youk and Pedro.)

I’ve already blogged about Papelbon here and here. And I’m blogging about Pap Smear (moniker taken from She-Fan) again.

This time, Pap Smear has been going off about the salary thing again. He just won’t shut up.

Read this portion of Ian Browne’s story on RedSox.com:

“I love going year to year,” Papelbon said. “And I’m saying this and I’m being 110 percent honest. I think that for me, I’m a person who is not going to settle for anything less than what I feel like I’m worth. I’m definitely not going to settle for security when I feel like I’m worth more than what I’m getting. So, for me, going year to year is no big deal whatsoever.”

Neither, Papelbon said, was giving up a chance to pitch in the Classic, where he could have joined fellow elite closers Joe Nathan and B.J. Ryan on the Team USA staff.

“Obviously, I’d want to do that, but it’s just not for me,” Papelbon said. “Everybody wants to be part of a great team, and, obviously, they have a great staff and a great team. To me, there’s more important things than pitching on a loaded [World Baseball Classic] roster.”

“For me, you know, in the future if I’m locked in with a long-term deal and I know I have some kind of security with the team, that’s a different story. For me, also, it was hard for me to prepare for that this offseason with the baby and everything. I’m not going to jeopardize anything I have for my ballclub or myself.”

How arrogant is that? Sure, I will give Pap Smear some credit here. He is an effective closer who will earn his due. He did not follow Kevin Youkilis or Dustin Pedroia, who both preferred to get guaranteed years rather than top dollar in free agency. Pap Smear could have forever been in the hearts of the Red Sox faithful, but with his continued arrogance and his public statements bashing Mariano Rivera and about why he is worth all of the money afforded to him just smacks of idiocy.

Do you see A-Rod, Tex, Sabathia, or any of the other top Yankee signings talk like that? No.