Ever since “my cousin” became the most searched person on this side of the planet when Alex Rodriguez revealed who supplied him with Boli, Yuri Sucart has been profiled as A-Rod’s most loyal “yes man.”

Amy Nelson did a long profile of Sucart on ESPN.com. Nelson has portrayed him as willing to do anything — anything — for A-Rod. Including getting him soup, and nay menial work…all for a meager salary since A-Rod became a professional in 1993.

For the past 16 years, Sucart has been Alex Rodriguez’s loyal lieutenant, a full-time assistant — and salaried employee — whose job has been to safeguard his cousin and devote himself, at times blindly, to whatever the superstar desires.

“He lives and breathes to please Alex,” one source close to both Sucart and Rodriguez says. “He seriously does whatever Alex tells him to do. He depends completely on Alex’s good nature.”

With the information coming out that Sucart picked up A-Rod and Nick Swisher after the first spring training game, it was apparent A-Rod still didn’t “get it.” Of course it’s been taken care of, according to Brian Cashman. But one thing is clear — Sucart is still A-Rod’s “yes man.”