Here are some links to look at while you eat your breakfast this morning. That’s how I do my morning routine. I get up, let the dog out, get my breakfast ready, go to my office and eat while I catch up on news, blogs, and articles about the Yankees and then I shower and head to the high school where I teach.

Here are some good pieces to read this morning.

  • Ben K. at River Ave. Blues dissects this post by Tim Dierkes at MLB Trade Rumors about the worst contracts in MLB. Among the top 45, he names 3 Yankee ones — Posada, Matsui, and Igawa. Oddly, he doesn’t name A-Rod’s. I can agree with Igawa’s contract, but not Posada and Matsui. To read Dierkes’ post, click here.
  • The venerable scribe Peter Abraham did a quickie sit-down and chat with Phil Hughes about the outing he had yesterday against the U.S.A. team. Hughes pitched pretty well yesterday and featured some new whallop to his pitches. A tighter curve, a better change-up and a new cutter will make Hughes a more prized commodity. He’s only 22.
  • Jack Curry at the Times dissects A-Rod’s comment about Jose Reyes and tells readers to ignore it. It was just a comment, nothing more, Curry says.
  • Dodgers and Manny Ramirez may be close to a deal, the AP reports. Seems like the deal is for the same 2/$45 that was offered last week.
  • Plus, finally, the news everyone is talking about — A-Rod’s hip cyst. He’s going to Vail, Colorado to see a long-legged blonde in a ski suit orthopedic specialist.

By now, you should have finished your cereal. Have a good day!