Courtesy of the Daily News’ Matt Marrone…

*Aug 18 - 00:05*

10. “The timing came from God. The first time I was there for 2 1/2 hours of pushing. This time it was 10 minutes after the delivery. It was perfect timing.” – April 24, 2008

9. “I wish (Jose Reyes) was leading off on our team. That’s fun to watch. Anytime you have that type of speed. I mean, we have a guy in (Brett) Gardner, and that’ll be fun. That’s probably the most fun you can have, is watching a guy like that run.” – March 3, 2009

8. “Mine!” – May 30, 2007

7. “I feel very‚ very excited and very honored. The last couple of years have been hard‚ and all of us have the same passion for winning and moving this train in the right direction.” – Jan. 25, 2004

6. “The reality is there’s been a change in the relationship over 14 years and, hopefully, we can just put it behind us. You go from sleeping over at somebody’s house five days a week, and now you don’t sleep over. It’s just not that big of a deal.” – Feb. 19, 2007

5. “Jeter’s been blessed with great talent around him. He’s never had to lead. He can just go and play and have fun. And he hits second – that’s totally different than third and fourth in a lineup. You go into New York, you wanna stop Bernie and O’Neill. You never say, ‘Don’t let Derek beat you. He’s never your concern.'” – April 2001 issue of Esquire

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