I’m in the camp of opinions that thinks A-Rod should have the surgery now rather than become a dead weight for the Yankees. I don’t want this to become a Mike Lowell situation from last season.

Yes, there is a big void left with A-Rod’s pending surgery or rehab/rest. It’s much better to do the surgery now. PeteAbe contacted a specialist and I’m going to quote his blog post here in entirety.

I just spoke to an expert, Dr. Robert Buly of the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. He is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hips.

Only last week, Dr. Buly presented back-to-back papers on treating this very injury with Dr. Marc Philippon, the surgeon treating Alex Rodriguez.

According to Dr. Buly, A-Rod likely has an impingement in his hip socket, a common injury for athletes. It comes from the femoral bone hitting the rim of the socket. The labrum, he said, is like a rubber gasket around the socket. A torn labrum is a symptom of the impingement.

A cyst such as the one A-Rod is typical in these cases. “That’s an indication something has gone bad with the hip,” Dr. Buly said.

Dr. Buly said it is “not unreasonable” to try rest and rehab. “But at some point you have to bite the bullet and have the surgery. It’s going to get progressively worse and for the patient, it’s pretty miserable,” he said.

A-Rod’s ability to play depends on the size of the tear and how quickly it gets larger. At some point, surgery will be needed. If it is only soft tissue, the recovery time is six to eight weeks. If bone must be repaired, it would take three to four months.

Brian Cashman indicated today that surgery would knock A-Rod out for four months, so it is likely he has some sort of bone deformity. This comes from wear and tear or some sort of anatomical abnormality.

Dr. Buly, who is a Yankees fan, said A-Rod would soon have trouble pivoting or flexing. Running, at least at first, will not be a problem.

I’m all for surgery now so that A-Rod can recover faster and not experience pain and discomfort, especially when diving for balls or rounding bases.