In Italy’s upset of Canada yesterday, Francisco Cervelli was in the middle of it all — in command of his pitchers as the mainstay of the backstop.

He was masterful and in control, and that prompted Italy hitting coach Mike “Roger Threw the Bat at Me” Piazza to praise Cervelli in many different ways.

“He’s so talented back there, you can’t say enough,” Piazza said. “He worked hard back there. His enthusiasm, you could tell.

“His enthusiasm from the start of the game was just sky-high. He hustled. He’s got an amazing arm. I’m jealous – in a good way — because I see player with a great future ahead of him. He’s going to get better with the bat. He’s going to get a little quicker.”

I guess that’s good news, considering the Yankees could use Jesus Montero in a different position. No matter what people say or where the Yankees farm system is ranked, their farm system is pretty good.