Sorry for the lack of blogging about the WBC. I don’t really care much for it, but we should have something to talk about regarding the WBC.

Didya see last night’s game between the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic? The Big Orange Machine, with only two MLB starters defeated the DR, with 23 active players on its roster. Unbelieveable.

For the pool pairings, it is:

Pool A: Korea, with Japan as runner-up. They will play the runner-up and winner of pool B, respectively, in San Diego.

Pool B: We have Mexico vs. Australia tonight at 10pm EST, and waiting for the winner is Cuba.

Pool C: We have Venezuela vs. the United States today at 6:30pm EST. The winner will face the runner-up of pool D.

Pool D: The Big Orange Machine Netherlands vs. Puerto Rico tonight at 5:30pm EST.


Mexico will beat Australia. United States will beat Venezuela, and Puerto Rico will beat the Netherlands.

The final teams left standing will probably be Japan, Cuba, and the United States. I don’t think the U.S. will get far enough. Their bullpen is susceptible. And the sooner Jeter joins his buddies Cano and Marte in camp after being eliminated, the better.