I’ve always wanted a Yankee-themed sports bar in the basement of my home. Although my current home has a basement, I don’t intend to live here for a long time. I’ll wait until I know I’m staying in a house for 10+ years before I construct a bar.

Here’s a link to a guy who built his own Yankee-themed bar in the basement of his house. He definitely gave me some ideas of what to do.

I especially like the memorabilia on the counters, the facade on the top, and all of the posters. I’ve been keeping every single Sports Illustrated issue that has a Yankee on the front from the last 12 years, plus all other magazines with Yankees on the cover (like the April issue of A-Rod in “Details.”) I also keep most of my ticket stubs, but not the print-out kind. I also have some souvenirs from the final season of the stadium, and whatever else I can get my hands on. All of these things will be going into my bar or my Yankees room  — yes-sir. I am thinking of painting a room navy blue and white and displaying my Yankee stuff in there.

Anyway…here’s the link to the bar!