I have been a lifelong Yankee fan. Here’s an example of how bad I might be — in 1996, the Yankees clinched the decisive game 6 over the Braves while I was celebrating my high school’s Homecoming Dance. I ditched my Homecoming date to watch the game on TV.

I wear a Yankee retraceable badge clip on my belt for my work ID. I drive a car with a Yankee license plate. Sure, many other people do these things.

But I never knew about the Roll Call until last May when my whole family — my mom, my sister, and my brother, along with my daughter took in a game in May in the bleachers. Then all of a sudden everyone stood up and started screaming. I was like…what the f___?

Trevor explained the Roll Call to me.

Awesome. Chalk this one up to my deafness. I just never knew about the Roll Call. Maybe I should record one in American Sign Language and find a way to play it consecutively with the chants from the Bleacher Creatures.

She-Fan has a post up with a link to an interview with Bald Vinny, the guy who starts the Roll Call. He also has new shirts out. I am so going to buy one of his shirts!