What do we do with this guy?

After being signed to a horribly thought-out $46 Million deal before the 2007 season, Kei Igawa has failed to earn his money or a spot on the Yanks pitching staff.  After two seasons full of ups and downs, the Yankees seem to be no closer to figuring out what to do with the former Japanese Strikeout Champion.

Igawa has never done well in the big leagues.  But he did do well in AAA last season, going 14-6 and earning the team’s Pitcher of the Year Award for leading the team in IP and K’s.    He has also done very well this spring.

Igawa has thrown 12 and 2/3 scoreless innings this spring, allowing only seven hits and striking out 11 batters.  In fact, Joe Girardi has said Igawa could end up in the bullpen this spring as a spot starter or long reliever.

Its obvious to me that Igawa should not be sent back down to Scranton.  At this point, he has no shot of being a full time starter for the Yankees – our rotation is simply too strong at the current moment.  Why clog up development in the minors by allowing Igawa to take a spot in the Scranton rotation?

Three months ago, I would have said we should simply trade him.  Anything worth more then a 1998 Honda Civic would be a great deal.  I can think of a hundred better things to spend $46 Million on, including free hot dog and beer night at Yankee Stadium.

But now I’m torn.  Do the Yankees trade him, or ride this recent wave of talent by using him in the bullpen?  I think it may be too early to tell.  Anyone can have a good stretch of 12 innings.  Let’s see how the next couple of weeks go.