After missing all of last season due to injury, Curt Schilling has announced that he is retiring after 23 big league seasons.  The Red Sox hurler was a huge part of the team’s World Series Championship in 2004, pitching with an infamous bloody sock from a sutured, torn tendon in his right foot.

Schilling’s career went full circle with the Sox.  He was drafted in 1986 by Boston, but was traded before the season to Baltimore.  He also played in Houston and Philly before joining Arizona.  Schilling and Randy Johnson led the Diamondbacks to their first and only World Series Championship in 2001 – creating hate from Yankee fans.

Schilling made the announcement Monday on his blog, and said he is retiring with “zero regrets.”

Despite all he has done against the Yankees, you can’t help but salute a man who was a major competitor and really seemed to bring his all into every game he pitched.  From 2001-2007, I would always flinch when I heard he was going to be the starting pitcher against the Yankees – he was that dominating.