The inevitable will come in 2010. Should the Yankees re-sign Derek Jeter to another contract to continue playing at shortstop?

I think yes, but not for shortstop, instead for an outfielder, utility infielder, or DH. Jeter should end his career in pinstripes.

So, who takes over shortstop? A-Rod? No.

Ramiro Pena.

This 23-year old 2005 draft pick from Mexico has wowed everyone at Spring Training with his slick defense. He hit .266 in Double A ball last year but has hit well this spring.

Bil Madden did an article on Pena and how he could factor in as early as this spring for the utility infielder job, and perhaps take over in 2010 in shortstop.

While I’d be sad to see Jeter leave the old stopgap position, I’ll be glad to see a younger generation out there. That’s what brought the Yankees to the World Series in the late 1990s — a young generation.