The new Metro-North Station at Yankee stadium is scheduled to open on-time and within budget.  The fastest station ever built – from inception of the idea to completion of construction – 2 years, the new station is going to be the largest on the MTA line outside of Grand Central Station.

The new station will officially be called the Yankees – E 153rd St. Station and is located on the Hudson Line, which runs north into New York State along the Hudson River. 

Travelers from the New Haven Line, which serves Connecticut, and the Harlem line, which serves far eastern NY, will be able to transfer to the Hudson Line at the 125th St. Station in Harlem, NYC.

The station will be located about 200 yards from Yankee Stadium and will be connected by a covered overpass which will deposit people right near the location of the Bat at the old stadium.  From there, it will be a block’s walk to Gate 4.

The price of a ticket is going to be very reasonable as well.  Fares will only cost riders $1 more then the current prices for a trip from their station to the new station at Yankee Stadium.

As of now, the station should open by the middle of June – ideally in time for the June 12-14 series against the Mets. 

I can’t wait to start using it.  My only concern is my fellow travelers.  The MTA expects some 10,000 fans to use it on game day.  I would guess about two-thirds of them, or 6,700 will go south to Manhattan or to transfer to the other lines.  The other 3,300 will stay on the Hudson line with me.  How does the MTA plan on getting 3,300 people away from the station?