Pitcher Joba Chamberlain plead guilty today to Driving Under the Influence.  Joba was pulled over on October 18, 2008, after leaving a strip club in Lincoln, Nebraska.  His blood alcohol level was .134, over the legal limit in Nebraska of .08.

Joba will get 9 months probation and will have to pay a $400 fine.  He will also lose his license for 60 days and will have to complete an Alcohol Education class.

The case has finally come to a close after 4 adjournments over the last few months.  As a result of the plea deal, prosecutors dropped the remaining charge of driving with an open container.

Joba got off pretty easy, but that is usually standard for a first offense.  A co-worker here in NY was required to attend Alcohol Ed classes and she told me they are pretty heart-wrenching and sort of made her feel like a lousy human being for what she did.

I wonder if he is expected to take the classes in Nebraska, or if he will take them in New York.