Via PeteAbe, several of the Yankee players commented on using the Stadium for the first time today as 20,000 fans watched workout day…

Joe Girardi: “Last night when we walked in, it felt like it was Christmas morning. Just listening to players talk about it, and the excitement of visiting every nook and cranny in the ballpark and in our clubhouse, it’s an unbelievable building.”

Andy Pettitte: “I was out there last night and, the dimensions, it looks exactly like the old ball park. You just look from the dugout, it looks like it’s going to play big in left and there’s a short porch in right.

“Obviously you walk through the door and see this, the clubhouse. Just the facilities we have, how beautiful everything is and the lighting, it’s state-of-the-art. For me, I’m a big-time whirlpool guy. We have unbelievable facilities as far as swimming. It’s just unbelievable.”

Joba Chamberlain: “You’re kind of in awe at first. It’s like having a new toy. You want to come in and play with everything.

“It’s going to be a little bit different because you have to get adjusted to the backdrop. You have to adjust. Your depth perception is different everywhere you go. So we’re going to have to get out there on the mound and just get your surroundings.”

Derek Jeter: “Homefield advantage is in the crowd. Our fans are always going to be the same. The atmosphere is what makes it fun for the players, so I expect it to be the same as it’s always been.”

Mark Teixeira: “It’s special to be a part of this. It’s going to be the greatest the sports venue in the world. We’re going to be excited to be playing on it for a long time.

“I loved playing in the old stadium. It was my favorite place to come to as a visiting player and I’m going to miss it. But when you come in here, it makes you forget about the nostalgia a little bit.”

Johnny Damon: “You could see by the looks on some of our faces that Christmas came a little bit early this year. My first thoughts were that we’re very fortunate to have a place like this. The old Yankee Stadium was definitely very special. This player is special from the moment you walk into it. As a player, you’re fortunate to put on the Yankee pinstripes and have this nice new ballpark.”