Apparently the average cost of a “non-premium” ticket at the new stadium is $72.97, by far the highest in the sport. Here’s more from Neil Best:

According to Team Marketing Report, the Yankees’ average, non-premium ticket for 2009 is $72.97 and their Fan Cost Index to take a family of four to a game is $410.88.

The Red Sox had topped the ticket cost list since 1996 and the FCI standings since 2001. For 2009, their average ticket is $50.24 and their FCI is $326.45.

TMR said the Mets‘ non-premium tickets average $36.99 and their FCI is $258.97.
League-wide, the average ticket was said to be $26.64 and the FCI was $196.79, up 5 and 3.2 percent, respectively. TMR said 10 teams have had price decreases and six others essentially are flat.

The Diamondbacks‘ FCI is an MLB-low $114.24.

By the way, last year the Yankees average non-premium ticket cost $41.40, and their FCI was $275.10.

But good news, beer is $6 for 12 oz and $9 with a souvenir cup. At least it’s not $8.50.