Hal Steinbrenner commented yesterday that Yankee tickets may be overpriced considering today’s economic recession.

My response…hey, no shit. Duuuuuuuh!

Here’s what Hal said:

“I think if anybody in any business had known where this economy was going to go, they would have done things differently,” Steinbrenner said Thursday. “Look, there’s no doubt small amounts of our tickets might be overpriced.

“You know, we’re continuing to look into that. But the bottom line is, the vast majority of them, it seems like they’re right on because we’ve sold 35,000 full-season equivalents, and a lot of the tickets have, you know, sold quite well. And, well, despite what’s out there all the time … there’s thousands of very affordable seating. And, you know, the public is excited, as excited as we are, I think.”

I believe the whole Stadium experience will be worth a $70-$100 ticket, nothing more. Of course I’d give a pinky finger to sit in the front row, but not for over $2,000. Judging from the pictures all over the Internet from workout day yesterday, the whole Stadium looks freaking awesome. I can’t wait for my turn to take in the splendors!