Dustin Pedroia was interviewed by Boston Magazine recently and called A-Rod a dork.

His subject now is last year’s All-Star Game, where Pedroia and teammate Kevin Youkilis made up the right side of the infield, while Rodriguez and Yankees idol Derek Jeter constituted the left. Tomorrow, perhaps leery of feeding a rivalry whose coverage in the tabloid press alone accounts for the destruction of several spotted owl habitats, Pedroia will ask that his comments about A-Rod be stricken from the record. (“That guy,” he will say, pausing for a moment to find the right word, “is a dork.”) But at this moment, here in the shade of the clubhouse, he is expansive.

You know the funny thing? When Rodriguez moved from Texas, he moved to 3B without a complain and he has never, never insulted anyone in public (and no, I don’t count the Esquire article about Derek Jeter). A-Rod is a certified prima donna, but he is a good player who is passionate about winning. I think the Red Sox, of all people should get off his back.