I just got back from Camden Yards an hour ago. I’m still worn out.

It was Trevor’s first away game, watching the Yankees. Perfect place to do it in Camden Yards. Aside from Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards is my favorite Park. We went to Babe Ruth Museum (more on that in another post), partied with the crowd in front of Pickles’ Pub then I brought Trevor over to Eutaw Street gate where we entered the game. I bought a Boog Pit BBQ Beef sandwich. It was delicious.

By the time we got inside the stadium, it had started raining (3:30-ish).

We got to our seats at the upper level in time when they took off the tarp and started the pre-game ceremonies.

I’m not going to go on and on about the game. I like how Jason broke down the game and analyzed what happened. But I will share our perspective as we were actually there.

My Palm Treo stopped functioning throughout the game and I couldn’t post updated tweets on our Twitter account, but we got over 200 hits today, which is a high.

CC was obviously off today. We noticed that it was pretty darn windy and a bit chilly where we were sitting.

Derek, Jorge, Hideki all look like they’re primed for strong seasons. Brett Gardner’s throw to home plate was frigging awesome! Even the Orioles fans next to us admitted that was a good throw.

I am very impressed with Pena and Gardner’s speed. We have been missing that for years.

The Orioles fans really, really hate Teixeira there.  Every time he went up to the plate, the booing started and did not stop until he left (pop out, groundout, fly out, etc.).

Phil Coke actually did a decent job pitching. We both saw the Izturis home run and from our view right above Damon, it looks like there was fan interference. I haven’t seen the video replay yet.

It’s only the first game. Wednesday hopefully will be a better game. I’ll be back to Camden Yards on Friday, May 8, the next time the Yankees are in town.

To see the box score…click here.

And…once Trevor arrives home in NY (12-1 a.m.), he’ll post pictures from the game.