Projected Division Standings

LA Angels of Anaheim -93-69

Texas Rangers – 87-75

Oakland Athletics – 83-79

Seattle Mariners – 69-93

As usual, this is the Angel’s division to lose.  A 100-win team last year, the team comes in 7 wins shorter this year, due to the loss of Mark Teixeira and K-Rod to the Yanks and Mets, respectively.  The division was also very weak last year and should improve somewhat, giving the Angels more competition.

The Rangers are a young team and should have no trouble improving on their 79-83 record last year.  With slugger Josh Hamilton leading the way, this team should find itself in the playoffs in 2010.  This year, they post their first winning record in 5 years.

The A’s have not done enough to improve on last year’s season.  Sure the addition of Matt Holiday will make a difference, but not enough.

The Mariners.  The poor Mariners.  Mike Greenburg, of Mike and Mike, picked Seattle to win the division last season.  They didn’t.  They were horrible.  They didn’t get much better in the offseason.